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Safran unveils its new center of excellence in electrical engineering

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Safran unveils its new center of excellence in electrical engineering

Ross McInnes, Safran Chairman of the Board, Olivier Andriès, Safran CEO, and Clément Beaune, the French minister for transport, today unveiled the Group’s new center of excellence in electrical engineering in Créteil, France.

The 6,400-m² site brings together Safran Electrical and Power’s design and engineering functions for electric and hybrid propulsion, power electronics, electrical distribution, and electrical conversion, which were previously spread across several sites. The new building houses the research and technology activities, development and production engineering, the test bench for electrical systems, program and customer support teams and other support functions. It has been organized to promote cooperation between different teams and to ensure the best working conditions for the 430 employees at the site.

A full electric system to reduce the carbon footprint of aircraft

This new engineering center is at the heart of the design of Safran’s electrical systems. The teams define primary and secondary electrical distribution solutions for transporting and managing electricity from generator to load.

The ePower product line is also designed at the Créteil site. These products are for future 100% electric and hybrid aircraft and cover the entire electrical system, including: GENeUSPACK™ batteries, ENGINeUS™ electric motors, GENeUSGRID™ primary and secondary distribution systems, and GENeUSGRID PROPULSION™ power management systems. The GENeUS™ generators, designed in Pitstone, UK, complement this product line.

“We are proud to unveil this new center of expertise where we develop the electric propulsion systems that will soon equip small planes for tourism and for pilot training before being extended to regional commercial aircraft and ultimately to hybridize the new generation of thermal engines. Our teams are highly motivated by the idea of decarbonizing aviation through breakthrough electric technologies,” says Stéphane Cueille, Safran Electrical & Power’s CEO.

“Making planes electric and hybrid is one of the key elements of Safran’s strategy for decarbonizing aviation. Safran is also developing breakthrough propulsion architecture, driving the uptake of sustainable aviation fuel and reducing weight across all equipment. Together, all these initiatives will help achieve carbon neutral aviation in 2050,” states Olivier Andriès, Safran’s CEO.

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